observatório de turismo

Dez Principais Temas do Turismo Mundial para 2014


  1. Continued impact on the travel and tourism industry resulting from the global economic slowdown
  2. Concerns for safety and security remains an important issue for the travel and tourism industry
  3. Necessity for increased local/regional/national leadership in tourism policy and strategic planning
  4. Importance of maintaining a destination’s sustainability of social, cultural, natural and built resources
  5. Educating users about optimization of technologies and online applications in the tourism industry
  6. Understanding the transformative effect travel and tourism has on global socio-economic progress
  7. Responding to increased interest in potential long-term consequences of climate change on tourism
  8. Negative impact on the travel and tourism industry of increases in fuel prices and airline fees 
  9. Effect on travel and tourism from natural and manmade disasters and world political disruptions
  10. Changes in tourism demand resulting from increased travel by emerging nations