Maria João Silveira, PhD

(Outgoing – Erasmus+)

Università degli Studi di Firenze, Dipartimento di Scienze per l’Economia e l’Impresa

Corso di Turismo (Economia e Storia dell Turismo) (21 a 26 de october 2019)


Topic(s) of the proposed lecture(s):

  1. The generations Y and Z
  2. Contemporary Thought
  3. The «optimal experience»: happiness and sense of life
  4. The rights of the individual
  5. The new tourism markets. Ex: The creative tourism.

Brief description of the lecture(s):

The contemporary world is eclectic and versatile. Today, the predominant mentality is deeply focused on the individual’s emotional profile and not in their social status. The choices of the Millennials are based on the concept of ‘ optimal experience ‘: this experience, which comes out of the usual model, is attractive for personal reasons, of psychological nature, and must mark values, leaving lasting affective impressions and open to human diversity. Nowadays, the market, in general, and the tourist market, in particular, face the great challenge of originality, individuality and creativity. These requirements (which are noted in the context of tourism) can constitute a phenomenon of human development and, even, as an active protection of Human Rights, if we can understand and protect it. It is also important to note that those experiences, can contribute to poverty reduction and the integration of local communities into the benefits of tourism (Richards, 2014). Recent research identified that, also, poor communities can benefit from this type of tourism by providing interactive daily experiences for visitors (Dias, et al., 2018). From this point of view, poor communities can benefit from creative tourism by creating and expanding value perception of their touristic offer.

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Luiz Moutinho, PhD

Master Class Tourism – Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities

The future of the futures…

(9 december 2019)