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2020 – Developing Lifestyle Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Destinations. Call for Papers.


Lifestyle entrepreneurs represent a large part of tourism enterprises, contribute to the sustainability of destinations, and play an essential role in local development. These contributions result from the strong local association that these entrepreneurs have. On the one hand, they are interested in preserving the local way of life, traditions, knowledge, and the natural environment in which they operate. On the other hand, it is this local knowledge that ultimately represents the basis of these companies’ competitiveness as it is unique and difficult to imitate. In terms of representativeness, local development, and sustainability, research focused on lifestyle entrepreneurs has an important and direct contribution to the achievement of the UN’s sustainable development objectives – namely, no poverty, decent work and economic growth, reduced inequality, and life on land.




Whether in war, or death, or solidarity, tourism unfolds knowledge of genuine life stories. Its greatest power lies precisely on its practical relationship with people, in the intimacy of varied cultures: to know is to build bridges with the unknown, to bring to closeness the hypothesis of the different, the diverse, the unusual.
In this Tourism Week, our Round Tables bring us this pioneer profile that our scientific area also has: reports on the experience of war scenarios and Human Rights from the perspective of Tourism as a Social and Human Science.


Seja na guerra, seja na morte, seja na solidariedade, o turismo desdobra-se em genuínas histórias de vida no seu saber. O seu maior poder reside precisamente na relação prática com os povos, na intimidade das culturas variadas: conhecer é lançar pontes com o desconhecido, é trazer para a proximidade a hipótese do diferente, do diverso, do incomum.

Nestas Jornadas do Turismo, as nossas Mesas Redondas trazem a terreno esse perfil de pioneiro que a nossa área científica também tem: relatar a experiência dos cenários de Guerra e da defesa dos Direitos Humanos na perspetiva do Turismo enquanto plena Ciência Social e Humana.
Bem vindos!
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