Visita do 2º Ano da Licenciatura de Turismo com o 2º Ano da Licenciatura de Artes Visuais

No dia 6 de outubro, as turmas de 2° ano das Licenciaturas de Turismo e de Artes Visuais realizaram uma visita guiada no âmbito da unidade curricular de “Arte e Turismo”. A visita foi guiada pelo guia intérprete e professor Marco Noivo, pela baixa de Lisboa, Mouraria e Alfama, podendo dar a conhecer alguns dos famosos bairros da cidade.

On the october 6th, the 2nd year classes of Tourism and Visual Arts had a guided tour within the ambitof the Art and Tourism curricular unit. The tour was carried out by the professor and guide Marco Noivo, through downtown Lisbon, Mouraria and Alfama, showcasing some of the city’s famous neighborhoods.



DING- “Las dinámicas europeas de grupo: un futuro para los jóvenes” – Projeto com o 3º ano da Licenciatura em Turismo

Three students from the 3rd year of the BA in Tourism from Lusófona University are in Madrid participating in the DING- “Las dinámicas europeas de grupo: un futuro para los jóvenes” project.

Students and Youth Workers from eight different European countries are meeting in Madrid for a training activity, in which they will have the opportunity to improve and learn different techniques to work in groups, placing them in different realities that they will have to face once they start their first jobs.

Lusófona University students consider that this experience will contribute to their personal, cultural, and professional growth process.