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1.ª Semana Internacional de Ensino e Investigação – de 11 a 15 de Maio de 2020 – Turismo

A Escola de Ciências Económicas e das Organizações  da Universidade Lusófona – Lisboa, tem o prazer de anunciar a sua 1.ª Semana Internacional de Ensino e Investigação, que será realizada de 11 a 15 de maio de 2020.

Será uma oportunidade para os professores darem palestras, workshops ou aulas de visita na nossa universidade.

Os professores são bem-vindos a propor palestras em uma variedade de assuntos planejadas. Bem-vindo a Lisboa! Bem-vindo a Portugal!

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– To characterize the profile of the creative entrepreneur: their motivations, performance measures, competencies, driving factors, barriers, satisfaction, etc.;
– To analyze how it works in network with other local entrepreneurs;
– To understand how a particular place or city can attract/retain creative entrepreneurs.

What we provide:
For those who answer the questionnaire:
We are strongly committed to providing you with the benefits of answering the questionnaire, in particular:
– A summarized report on the results of the study, which could help each entrepreneur to develop his or her business in a sustainable way;
– For those who wish, we are seeking to make a book that shows their activities and which could be an excellent means of dissemination.

For the localities/cities/entities that collaborate in the diffusion of the questionnaire:
A detailed report on the results of the study, which may contribute to each destination assessing its competitiveness as a creative tourist destination. Based on this analysis and the information contained in the report, the destination may develop strategies that are more in line with the competitiveness factors.

For society:
The results will be mostly articles, books and chapters in scientific.
However, it is also intended to create a model that is applicable by society in general, including municipal decision makers, local tourism managers, among others so that they can develop creative tourist destinations.

About Us:
The research team is composed by seven senior and junior researchers from Universidade Lusófona (Portugal); Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).
Team leaders: Alvaro Lopes Dias, PhD., Mafalda Patuleia, PhD., and Francisco Espasandín-Bustelo PhD.

For futher information, please contact us.
Tel: +351 914740112